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Room With A View

We all know January leaves us feeling a little low, the build up to Christmas, the excitement of over indulging, seeing family from afar and of course, what Santa will surprise you with. No wonder we are left feeling a little flat… Well forget January, it passes quick enough. Look forward to what 2018 has to bring you, whether you have some exciting holidays, a new job, or maybe you are looking at a special purchase, hopefully we all have something to look forward too.

Here at Cuckfield we would like to add some more excitement to your 2018 – Our popular party nights are back… We are kick starting the year with an 80’s night, all those classics that… I hate to say it but we love, the urge to get up and dance, maybe even re-live the 80’s fashion, it’s certainly one not to be missed. Join us on Friday 6th April for an evening you will not forget…

On the other hand, maybe you would like something a little more private, as well as our party nights we host private events throughout the year, whether it’s a special birthday, wedding or simply an excuse to have a get together with friends – We would love to look after you. Here at Cuckfield you will have your very own party planner – Who will look after you from start to finish, the only thing we ask is if you can send out the invites…