Target Golf Range

Target Golf Range

These fantastic facilities provide the framework for practising and improvement all year round. More importantly, they offer a selection of targets that make any amount of time fun. Our Target Driving Range has 6 covered bays. Making winter practice much more bearable, of course, we do have mats out side for those summer months as well.

The ball machine is located in the driving range and accepts either loyalty cards or tokens (both purchasable from the Pro Shop) (see prices below).

Opening Hours during Winter

8 am – 5 pm –  7 days a week

Range Ball Bucket Prices

25 Balls £2.50
50 Balls £4.00


Range Card

You Pay

Ball Deliveries (25 at a time)

Value Per Bucket

£25 14 £1.78
£50 30 £1.67
£100 62 £1.61
£150 95 £1.58

Where do I get the Range Card from?

Fill in the simple range card form and hand it in to the counter. You’ll get a unique range card, but be careful with it, as losses may result in the loss of any credits you have.

Advertise your Business

We have an opportunity for companies to gain extra exposure throughout our course from as little as £150 per year. Our course with the fantastic views attracts thousands of golfers (and non golfers) yearly, so whether you would like advertising in the car park, on the range or on the course, we are more then happy to discuss all the various options with you.

For a short time only, we will be offering massive discounts to boost your sales before Christmas.


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