Cuckfield Golf Centre Membership


Whether you are an absolute beginner or an experienced player, we have the ideal membership for you.

At a great value price, our annual membership offers an unique chance to join this special place in the heart of Sussex where golf is fun for everyone.

Our philosophy is determined by two primary factors, our personal service and your enjoyment. Join today and as a member start playing right away for free, no need to pay each time you play again.

Our membership runs from 1st July each year, and ends 30th June. If you would like to join mid season, we can happily pro-rata the membership just for you. Please speak with a member of staff to find out more.

Membership Options

Single Membership £550.00 Equivalent to £45.83 per month
Joint Membership £825.00 Equivalent to £68.75 per month
Family Membership £875.00 Equivalent to £72.91 per month
Leisure £360.00 N/A
‘Flexi’ £99.00 N/A
‘Freshers’  (Age 18-21) £240.00 N/A
Junior (Age 16-17) £120.00 N/A
Junior (Age 11-15) £60.00 N/A
Junior (Under 11) £30.00 N/A


• Please note, a monthly standing order incurs a £2 per month fee. To find out more, please email

Enjoy the benefits:

Single/Joint/Family Memberships Enjoy:

•        Unlimited Free Golf
•        Join the Southern Network (Click for more information)
•        Access to all Club Competitions and Matches
•        Discounts on Food and Drink in a ‘Room with a View’ cafe/restaurant
•       Selected discounts on clothes and accessories
•       Personal Booking access
•        English Golf Union Handicap Maintained
•        Sussex Golf Union Membership
•        Local Business Discounts
•        Join the Newsletter
•        Event Incentives
•        Discount green fees for friends

Flexi Pass Members Enjoy:

•    Unlimited Discounted Golf
•    Access Club Competitions
•    Join the Newsletter
•    Personal Booking access
•    Event Incentives
•    Opportunity to get an EGU Handicap
•    Local Business Discounts

Leisure Members Enjoy:

•    The perfect Trial for Full Membership!
•    FREE Golf (For those who live an active lifestyle, and can not play that frequently)
•    No need for a Handicap
•    Join the Newsletter
•    Personal Booking access
•    You can upgrade your membership at any point by paying the difference.