Our Course

Our Course

The Cuckfield Course

The Cuckfield Course is a pay and play 9 hole (with the option of 18). This alongside the affordability of the course, allows people with less time to squeeze in a quick round after work. At Cuckfield Golf Centre, we take pride in being part of a community and our philosophy is determined by two primary factors, our personal service and your enjoyment! Whether you are an absolute beginner or experienced player, we have the facilities to suit all levels of ability.

Hole 1 WebHole 1: Par 4/5  394 Yards •

On this hole care from the tee will be needed as the fairway will take any rolling ball to the left side



Hole 2 WebHole 2: Par 4  381 Yards •

With hole number 2, remember to focus on a small part of the fairway when teeing off. A larger landing area can cause players to be inaccurate.



Hole 3 WebHole 3: Par 4  224 Yards •

If you are feeling lucky take the ball over the trees. Beware though there are always more trees to carry than you think.



Hole 4 webHole 4: Par 4  245 Yards •

There is more room to the left side of the fairway than you think.



Hole 5 webHole 5: Par 4  283 Yards    364 Yards •

Number 5 demands the best hit off the tee. The fairway bunkers look as if they join up, however there is a large landing area.



Hole 6 WebHole 6: Par 4  330 Yards  •

Central marker post indicates your line. Second shot can be tricky to hold the green as it slopes behind!



Hole 7 WebHole 7: Par 4  306 Yards    331 Yards •

This is the most demanding carry on the course. Be careful to take enough club for the next shot uphill.



hole 8 webHole 8: Par 3  162 Yards  •

This hole always has its own micro climate.  Take enough club as if short shots find the trap front right. Tee shots often affected by wind as one of the highest points on the course.



Hole 9 webHole 9: Par 4  322 Yards  •

Take care to miss the bunkers off the tee. A well hit drive will give you a much flatter lie on the hill.