How To Get Started

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What equipment do you need?

To begin with you need nothing! Just come along in some sturdy shoes or trainers and casual clothing and let us help you with the rest. As you progress we can lend you golf clubs to practice with and if and when you are ready help you purchase golf clubs that are right for you. You need only by one to start! We can also help you with shoes and accessories. We have a fully stocked golf shop, custom fit studio and will not be beaten on price.

Do you need Lessons?

How long does it take to learn the basics? Lessons are a vital part of the games on going improvement at any level but to be ready to face your first game on the golf course very much depends on your own expectation. Some golfers feel ready to have a go earlier than others. A package of 6 lessons will give you an initial introduction to all the basic skills and enable you to approach the game with confidence.

How Much are Lessons?

We offer a 20 minute sample lesson for free, and then if you like what we provide, a one to one lesson starts from just £22 pound per half hour depending on the coach. We also offer group clinics for ladies at £8 an hour. Discounts are available for more people if you are interested in coming in a small group. Please contact for more details.

How often are lessons available?

We offer individual lessons 7 days a week and have a variety of ongoing group sessions and coaching programmes at regular times throughout the week.